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I will assume you are talking about Guardian tanks, since Shadows and Vanguards will definitely want to go all the way up their tank trees.

There is no question that Guardians have better mitigation with a hybrid build. Go up your tank tree until you get 2 points in Blade Barrier and one point in Courage, then go up the middle tree until you get Overhead Slash and 2 points in Commanding Awe.

You get better passive damage reduction, plus the lower cooldown on Blade Storm gives you more frequent Blade Barrier. Blade Barrier is an essential component of Guardian tanking - it's like a self heal that never overheals. Overhead Slash gives you better long term single target damage and threat. Your main disadvantages are Area Threat, generating high threat quickly at the beginning of a fight, and resource management.

Conversely, the full tank tree will have a little bit worse mitigation and damage/long term threat. But you can build high threat more quickly at the beginning of a fight, which means less risk of the dps getting aggro. AoE threat is a little easier to manage, along with resources. The full tank build also makes it easier to establish your armor reduction stacks more quickly and on more targets.

To be honest, I switch back and forth depending on my mood, or depending on what I think I will have the most trouble doing (surviving vs keeping aggro) based on my group.
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