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I'm not sure if this has been talked about before, but, right now these titles are already ridiculously easy to get. I was wondering if they're going to be unobtainable at some point, as with level 55s in level 55 gear this will make the title pretty much a joke.
I've gotta ask, why does it mean so much to you that you're actually willing to ask them to spend time removing content from the game when they obviously have so much else that their time would be better spent on? It's been a joke for a while now. So just display your NiM EC title, if you want to pretend it actually has some great significance. After 2.0, that title too will become a joke to get, but I all but guarantee there will be something new for you to show off to proclaim your eliteness.

Or is it that you want to rest on your laurels? I dunno.

To me the titles are more of a cool little bonus factor that you can go back and get if you weren't able to in the first wave. At a certain point, everything becomes a "roleplaying" bonus more than an e-peen announcement.