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The sooner the better to be honest. Having to call Support to remove the authenticator is an overly costly and time consuming process.

I'm still not convinced this is a good idea. Everything I know about security tells me that every single piece of login information (Username, Password, authenticator info, secret questions) should be kept 150% secret. Since the usernames are used on the forum, that's a piece of login information that is being unnessercarily exposed.
With all due respect, you must not know much about security...

There's a funny thing that happens when dealing with a lot of fields such as security -- in which those who know almost nothing are confident in their knowledge and think they know quite a bit, while those who are extremely knowledgeable question their intelligence regularly.

I certainly don't mean this to be rude -- but many of the people posting on here probably don't know ANYTHING about security, or understand that -- as has already been said -- a username/email should NEVER be used as a safety measure. There are dozens of security checks that no user will ever see, and will never become public knowledge (for good reason).

TL;DR -- Professionals in security are explaining to people that this change has NO effect on security -- but is allowing them to implement other changes to increase security. I'm inclined to agree, because I'm not a security expert. However, should my account be hacked (or if many accounts are hacked), I may change my tune.