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I'm actually not at all surprised this thread is still going. I'm not surprised because the quest is still in desperate need of a serious nerf. I understand that many mercs have done this quest and moved on. Unfortunately it is tuned as such that PT has a really hard time with it. There are those who would say it's the player's fault and make wonderfully helpful comments such as "you're doing it wrong", "L2P newb", etc., but it isn't necessarily true. I have tried the separation trick, trying to grapple one to keep him away from the other. Supposedly, if you grapple one from far enough away, the other one stays out of the fight and you can burn them down one at a time. I have tried this trick over a dozen times and it has never worked. Whoever did it got lucky. I have tried every companion at least once to see if a change in strategy will work. It doesn't. I tried the "send a tank companion and the close the airlock" trick. This supposedly ends the fight immediately and you can move on without fighting them at all. I tried this, and all I got was a broken quest that would not allow me to continue. It bugged out completely and I had to leave and start over.

None of the supposedly effective methods of beating this fight have worked for me. The only conceivable way for me to finish my BH story is to hire somebody to help me with it. This is just plain wrong. I should be able to solo this quest. I'm not saying make it a cakewalk, that would be the opposite problem. I don't want it to be too easy. Problem is, they way it is now, it's too hard for a significant number of people. They need to nerf it. I know the perfect way to do it too. Simply remove the heals. They already have more hp than normal strongs. They already hit like trucks. They don't need chain heals too. Just remove them. Problem solved.

There are those who would disagree with this and say that it would make them too easy. I, for one, would rather they be too easy for some, if that prevents them from being impossible for others as they are now. Certain specific combinations of spec and gear can get past them. Everyone else is getting slaughtered. The fight definitely favors merc over PT and that's not right either.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion. If nothing happens to change this fight, I will probably never finish the BH story. Ever. It's just too hard. I'm sure BW is aware of this, this isn't the only thread I've seen on the issue, I'm just not sure they care. To those who disagree with me, fine. You are entitled to your opinion and I'm not gonna say you're wrong. I just want those people to realize that there are a lot of us out there having a problem here, and the fact that they didn't doesn't change what we're going through. The fight needs a change. If you are so awesome a player that you beat it without an issue, well, good for you. Seriously. That's not sarcasm or bitterness, I really mean it. Congratulations, you earned it. The rest of us need help and we're not getting it.

Just my 2 credits.

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