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probably has to do with this little bombshell that was snuck into 1.7.2 scroll down to the very bottom:

Most of our digital edition items remain in mailbox for months. Unread, even.
Like I only check the Digital Edition Item mail message to remove the STAP, everything else stays in attached to the original message.

At least one of my characters, I sent some cheap Ubrikki Sand Devil like speeder I got on the GTN for like 5,000 credits. So, that character doesn't even need to bother reading the automated Digital Edition Items message.
aye don't mind old mail being removed but when it's a fresh character then that's not .....

Question..If i have to buy a speeder at level 10 for a new character just created will you EAware refund the credits I have spent whatever the amount, since this is broken and goodness knows how long it will be before you fix this ?
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