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Edit: Wait, just re-read this. Are you saying the dps ran to the (player) tank to get DD instead of the other way around? That's a no-no. Both of these (enemy) tanks do big damage directly in "front" of the turret (that is, the side that faces wall by the entrance, not necessarily the direction the turret is facing at all times). No DPS or healer should ever cross the plane in front of S & F's "noses." Rather, the player tank wants to drag DD over to the dps and it'll get intercepted that way. The player tank can absorb a hit from the frontal attack much more safely than the dps will.
This is misinformation. The cleaves are directed towards the person currently holding aggro on the boss, regardless of where he stands, which becomes very obvious if a DPS pulls aggro at any point - you'll notice that ALL the players standing on that side of the tank will start taking damage due to it rather than just 1.
Both having the tank move behind the DPS and having the DPS move in front of the tank are perfectly viable tactics, and it's up to you which you use - however, if the DPS classes in question have channeled abilities and/or the players don't have their hotkeys set up well enough to be able to hit them perfectly even while moving you loose DPS by having the DPS move to the tank. If you have enrage issues and/or get double DDs, have the tank move to the DPS instead.