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03.13.2013 , 02:57 AM | #2
Ill say the same thing I said in that post. That build misses out on so much its insane. I can't imagine not having merciless slash or the 30& crit bonus damage off of burns.. What do you parse with that, and wheres the combat log to this 'amazing' build? I cant see you parsing over 13-1400 dps with that build. There is just so much missing from it. You can't go hybrid with a sentinel since you have such crucial moves at the top of the tree which makes the entire tree complete. Not to mention how much damage you're losing off of not having merciless slash in juyo form, and the 30% extra damage from your burns every 15 20 seconds with zen auto-critting aside from your crits. I'd suggest looking into a different build, and seeing how you do with it. Plus if you have crit past 1 enhancement or crystal you have too much with the watchman tree. You already crit a whole lot of the time without it.