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03.12.2013 , 11:29 PM | #1
Why are we unable to invite friends or willing players to join Operations or Flashpoint groups once they are compiled by the Group Finder?

We deal with many bugs.

We lose people while trying to run Operations / Flashpoints because of disconnections or lack of time to continue.
- Operations / Flashpoints are time consuming.
- When problems occur people drop the group.
- The only way to replace people is to join a queue.
- Queues are overwhelmingly unreliable.

In the past 3 weeks I have had to give up on completing Operations because the "Group Finder" does not find replacements. (This applies to all roles; Tanks / Heals / DPS)

Why is the possibility of inviting willing individuals who want to help Operation / Flashpoint groups complete their goal absent from this game?

As a subscriber, I am not convinced that my contributions are beneficial to myself and other players who want to participate in these group activities.
- I cannot imagine how the "Free-to-play" members are dealing with the loss of cartel coins from failed groups.

Opening up the option to invite players to Operation / Flashpoint groups will make players happy.

In conclusion, this is a social game. Friends that play these games together are usually willing to help each other. Friends would be a great asset to call upon these situations, but alas when we join by the Group Finder we have no friends.

Happy players tell their friends how happy games make them and vice versa.
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