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03.12.2013 , 05:08 PM | #1
I loved the space missions before. I was able to do all the top missions with ease. I eagerly bought all the best modules for the newer T7 missions in anticipation of having fun like I had before.

Boy was I disappointed. I have all the best gear, yet my sheilds drop in 3 hits. I roll and dodge to get away and miss vital objectives. When I try to shoot the targets, boom- sheilds down again. I use all my modules to no avail. The cooldowns are too long for them to be of much use.

I did over 20 T7 missions and have yet to beat a single one of of them to date. I keep beating my head against the wall hoping vainly that something will change, that perhaps I will get better, but no. My sheilds just fall too fast, my armor evaporates in an instant then im dead.

I did manage to survive ONE mission out of all the ones I did but I was only able to accomplish about half the objectives so I failed anyway.

This is not fun. The curve between the last available missions and these is astronomical. I have all the best gear in every slot and was an ace at the previous missions, and then to now not be able to beat even one of the new missions? Something is wrong and I refuse to believe that it is simply because I am a "noob".

Please re-evaluate the difficulty of these missions and tone them down accordingly.