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The time has come for me to quit ToR. I was contemplating on whether or not I should make a goodbye post and I was initially against it. But I've made a lot of good friends on this game and I probably won't be able to say goodbye to all of them in-game so here's where I'll do it.

I had been thinking about quitting this game since like December. I've enjoyed it mainly for the art style and PvP. This was a really fun game, but losing warzones with terrible, malicious pugs or just facerolling them with bored guildmates/friends loses its charm after awhile. I made a promise to myself that if I ever started to really lose my desire to play this game and only stuck around due to my reputation/the fact I was in a dominating guild I would quit. This is just a game, and not a very competitive one at that. It should be played for fun, and I stopped having fun several weeks before 2.0 hit.

2.0 was definitely the tipping point for me. I'm sure a lot of people will think I'm quitting because my class got (needlessly) nerfed to the ground. Well, of course that is a part of it! Assassin is the only class I really enjoy playing. It's not like I'm a one-trick pony, I can and have competently played other classes at 50, but assassin is what kept me subscribed. It took a long, long time, a lot of building up my reputation and a lot of arguing to get Hey im mvp to take me in rateds. Moreso than people realized, trust me. And it worked out quite well and I was happy. But given the state of balance in 2.0 even I can't justify DPS assassins in rateds or even regs. For whatever reason Bioware has decided to nerf Deception and Madness into the ground and have completely invalidated the class for everything other than node guarding, where it is now extremely broken due to the stupidity of Phase Walk.

The lack of arenas/any real organized PvP system (tournaments, private warzones, cross-server ,etc) isn't doing much to hide the terrible backend problems that have existed in this game since launch.

This game just isn't fun for me anymore. While I used to hate on Blizzard for their presumably slow updates and ignoring the community, I now realize how spoiled I was. This game could have been so much more, but alas. I don't presume to know all the details and drama that go on with development/publishing but from the perspective of a paying fan, Bioware has mishandled nearly every aspect of this game.

It's been fun, but my time here is over. I will be spending the free time I currently spend on gaming by playing League of Legends and StarCraft II (Heart of the Swarm launched today awww yeah!) Those are competitive and balanced games that are-for the most part-well supported by their developers. While it will take me quite a bit of time getting back to the low-Masters skill level I was before I quit StarCraft II many months ago, I'd rather spend my time doing that and getting a real sense of accomplishment and improvement as opposed to grinding out two tiers of gear for all of my 50s on ToR.

I'd like to give some special shoutouts to all of the awesome people I have met on ToR. This is in no particular order, and I am bound to forget a name or two, but here goes...

Illusion - People sure do have a mixed opinion of you, and I never got to know you really well. But you invited me to Kill on Sight, my first guild. That led to a series of events that eventually got me to where I am now. And for that, I owe you thanks, my ToR career probably would have turned out very differently if I never met you.

Majinn - One of my best friends on ToR and without a doubt one of the strongest assassins on the server. The other half of Wakajinn, you inspired me to give the spec another shot and as a result, we did our part in changing the PvP meta, if only a little bit.

Scold - Hands down the nicest person on Imp side and easily one of the top healers on the server. You were one of the people I was most comfortable with in Hey im mvp and I'm gonna miss you. Thanks for hosting some awesome dueling tournaments.

Jaryx - You've improved so much over the past few months and have become one of the strongest players on the server and also just a great person to group with. If you keep improving at the rate you have been you're going to be downright *********** terrifying very, very soon.

Darkscythe - One of the scariest duelists out there, if you keep working towards it and being more vocal with your ToR opinions more people will probably recognize you for what you're worth. I sincerely hope you find a team that satisfies you and I wish you the best of luck making Deception work out. It's gonna be a long road ahead but you're one of the few people I could see actually finding some measure of success with it. Stay in contact.

Kaelona - Wakawakakaekaekae! I didn't directly talk or group with you as often as some others on this list, but I enjoyed the time I spent ToR'ing with you no less. If you're still around if I come back you better have room in a pug for me!

Spazm - I really enjoyed grouping with you, it's too bad it seems like nobody knows who you are. I hope you will continue using Cull for massive damage in my absence.

Coolbeans - Pretty rare to find people that actually listen to some of the same music as I do haha. I'm gonna miss grouping with you.

Angelix - Kudos to you for being a damn good Powertech tank. I hope you get your chance to shine in 2.0, you are a great player and deserve it.

Advance - Our conversations and epic duels were just flat out awesome. Whenever I happen to log in, I will make sure to log into my (hoodless) Sorcerer just for you.

Soldat- It is beyond me why every respectable Imperial guild wasn't rushing to recruit you when you became guildless. You are without a doubt one of the absolute best players on the server and the night you, I and a few others went on a seemingly-infinite win streak into the wee hours of the night remains one of my most fond ToR moments. I'm gonna miss you.

Alue - I think you said you would buy SC2 a long time ago. Make good on that promise, you're one of my oldest friends on ToR and I want to keep gaming with you.

Dev-grp - Sure seems like Reckless was ages ago, yeah? Loved hanging out with you in Mumble, next time you get all ****ed up be sure to let me know because that was hilarious

Kyren - One of my earliest dueling partners, thanks for trying to get me into some of your raids when I showed a small interest in PvE. You're a hard person to contact and I don't know where you are now, but thanks for the good times.

Justbodies - I've really enjoyed bursting people to oblivion in the 2v2 tournament and just playing rateds with you in general. You're ability to call stuff out, keep a level head and just be an extremely knowledgeable player is one of the things that motivated me to push myself as hard as I could. I'll be trying to keep my skill level up as much as possible for the rest of the 2v2 tournament with respect to you. Here's to annihilating the rest of the 2v2 teams so I can go out on a high note!

Priapism and Perpendicular - Basically two halves of a whole. *********** awesome people I don't care what anyone says.

Lightz - Even though I'm quitting, I will keep coming into Mumble just to talk to people like you. I didn't talk/group with you as often as some of the others on this list, but you're a *********** awesome crazy mother****er and you need to play SC/LoL with me because I'm gonna miss you.

Season - In my opinion, you are the kind of person that just makes the PvP community better. You're a well-spoken and extremely skilled individual that refused to conform to whatever class people thought was best. I just wished you played on your Imperial characters more often. You have your work cut out for you with assassins and 2.0, and as you once told me, I hope you "live long and prosper."

Shinaraka and MurdocPVP - Your videos in the early days of ToR taught me so much and inspired me to produce my own content. I would be a lesser player if I hadn't stumbled across you two.

Moon-unit - Thx for the Conservator's Helmet. Oh and inviting me to Hey im mvp I guess.

Broxx - In terms of improving myself as a player, you are probably the most important person I have ever met on ToR. I'm pretty sure I've known you longer than I've known anyone else on ToR, and the game wasn't the same without you when you went off to the military. You're an awesome person and I'm sorry that I won't be playing The Elder Spider Scrolls with you. Keep in contact.

Shanlol - Leaving ToR is a bit easier knowing that you'll still be around for League of Legends. You are one of the best Sorcs (I'd honestly tie you with Scope for best I've ever seen) and I don't understand why every guild in the world doesn't want you. I love your sense of humor even if it causes most people to hate you. Also, your Marauder's guild is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Looking forward to killing more idiots with you on Summoner's Rift.

Gudarzz - Among Broxx, Shanlol, Lightz, Majinn and a few others, you are one of the biggest reasons I stayed in this game as long as I did. Without a doubt one of my best friends on ToR. I won't be missing most aspects of this game, but I will most certainly miss grouping and talking with/to you. Along with the aftermentioned people, you need to *********** play SC2/LoL, because I'm really gonna miss you guys otherwise. Dueling, theorycrafting and just talking about stuff with you will remain one of my fondest memories. Best of luck with whatever you do, if you screw up (aka don't buy SC2/LoL) I will most certainly be dropping by Mumble to say hi.


Q: The current balance changes (assassin nerfs) are still subject to change, isn't quitting preemptive?
A: Yes. But history shows that Bioware is extremely unlikely to make any sweeping changes before launch, and they'll probably be so "busy" maintaining 2.0, Makeb and F2P stuff that doesn't matter to the "competitive" side of the game, so I don't foresee any redemption of the assassin DPS specs until Fall this year at the absolute earliest. That's all speculation, sure, but I don't feel like clinging to my subscription for no reason. Even if they did buff the assassin and it was on par with the other classes, the fact still stands that I'm just not having fun anymore. It's just the same thing over and over now, and I'd rather get really good at SC2 again instead of grinding endless amounts of gear.

Q: Are you ever coming back?
A: I'll still log in every couple of weeks or so just to see what's up and say hi to some people. I might resub one day, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I will, however, continue to play in the Bastion 2v2 tournament with JustBodies. I'll probably be doing warzones/dueling before each match to refresh my memory/reflexes and stuff.

Q: Will you maintain your assassin guide?
A: No. Unless/until I come back to the game I do not plan on making any large contributions to the guide. I will continue to monitor the 2.0 PTS changes until my subscription runs out (a week or two). I will keep my stream videos and guide up, of course, though its mostly gonna be archival given the sweeping nerfs to the class that change everything. If you really love me I'll probably stream SC2 and LoL for fun though, lag permitting.

Thanks for the memories Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was fun, but I'd rather go back to playing games that give me a real sense of accomplishment, improvement and competition. If you want to stay in contact send me a message. If I like you I can tell you my Skype or names on other games or something.

Cya later.

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