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Interesting that they'd make her young (in game model) then decide to "oldify" (coined!) her later...since she's a custom model it would have been easier to make her in her current form, which would have then been used for the holo-transmission models. And if the time line was already established; there's really no "we didn't know" excuse.

I guess I could argue that Rukil is (supposedly) 100+ and doesn't look a bit over 75; Satele has too many age marks.

In fact, I've never really studied Star Wars lore, but what is the average life expectancy of humans "now". In Babylon 5 it was something like 120. And in Star Trek I think 135. So if all these "future-depicting" shows say humans' new 'middle age' is about 70; that still puts Satele at looking old before her time.
I don't get what you are complaining about. I've not seen a single episode in game where Satele looks younger. The holo videos, she looks aged and lined as she does in person, just not as perceptible because of the blue transparent look. If you are referring to the videos, those videos are long ago in the past; Deceived is the last, 10 years ago with the sacking of Coruscant, Hope is before that, a victory the Republic had that forced the Empire to do its desperate attack on Coruscant in Deceive that brought the cease fire, and then Return is where it all began which is the start of the war.