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03.12.2013 , 02:48 PM | #349
The developers answered questions about Makeb at South by Southwest (SXSW) and the video is online now. Unfortunately the audience didn't seem very engaged, they had trouble getting questions and none of the questions they got felt very inspired.

Nothing directly relating to SGRAs was discussed, but one person did ask about the level of companion interaction on Makeb. Those of us who love our companions will undoubtedly be disappointed with the answer, which is that companion content will be very light, limited to only quick comments.

Still, in discussing how important companions are to the game and the dev team, Mr. Schubert did let one kernel of enticing information slip. He says:
We are not only always looking for ways to make our current interactions with companions better - I actually have two design documents on my desk right now for ideas that have been thrown at me for ways to do that, way in the future, NOT SOON - but we're also looking at ways to expand that cast of characters and bring more interesting characters in for the players to enjoy as well.
So, not promising for anything involving current companions at any near-future date. Still, we can hope that one of those two design documents on his desk pertains to SGRAs. (Or if your an optimist we can hope the not soon refers to the documents on his desk, and SGRAs are already past that point...)

It's so frustrating that the people that attend these things always ask the same stuff. It's discouraging that we never seem to get anyone standing up live and asking a question about SGRAs, where they can't just ignore the question.

They were practically begging for questions in that room. If any of the people that keep on top of this issue had been in that room, it seems like it would be so easy to ask the question. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there were. I wish all these things weren't so far away from where I live.

EDIT: Oops I forgot to link the video, didn't I? Here it is: