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i would recomend starting with mando raiders with a full guild group. most guilds will work with you to get you comfortable with your role. just be sure of what role will be first.

Tank- easy one for a jug, your role will be the first one into a fight. you dont have to worry about doing too much damage, just keep a shield on the healer and use your taunts at the right time. learning that may take a few pulls but a guild group will work with you to get it down. and one thing to remember above all, keep adds off the healer, the dps will handle themselves pretty easy.

Dps- this is a pretty easy role but can be done wrong far to easily, you have two things to bear in mind as a dps jug. your role is doing as much damage to everything as you can and a secondary guard for the healer. watch your AOE attacks if there is a stun on anything and keep an eye on the healers hp bar. if it goes down at all get back to them and pull agro on whatever is attacking the healer. the tank will pick it back up pretty quick. the best dps players will wipe out the easy adds quick and begin burning down the silvers before joining the tank on the golds and bosses.

Chose your role and have fun dude, FP are great funand drop amazing gear you cannot get anywhere else
Note to self, Jawas may be hot under those robes