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03.12.2013 , 08:19 AM | #5
I would suggest getting into these FP's as soon as possible. They are fun in most of the cases and you miss a lot if you skip them. Later you will need them anyways. Hard Mode FP's. It doesn't hurt to know the instances a bit.

If you are a tank then you might want to start with a lower lvl one and dont forget to tell the others that this is going to be your first time in that FP. Dont forget to ask them to explain if there are any tricks at a given boss. Sometimes you have to kill the adds first, in other cases it is the boss you need to start with. It is good to know these details and you will learn these mechanics in a couple fo runs.

If you are a dps then you can start with FP's at your lvl but mention that you haven't done that one yet. But if you just watch the others then you cannot really make a mistake.