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Play station
Star Wars episode 1 : the phantom menace
Star Wars episode 1 : Jedi power battles ( to date memorably the most fun SW game and wish they would bring something out just like this with the entire story arc of the movies and clone wars.)
Star Wars : masters of teras Kasi

Star Wars obi wan
Jedi star fighter
Bounty hunter

Playstation 2
Star Wars episode 3 : revenge of the sith.
Star Wars the clone wars
Star Wars Lego 1 & 2
Star Wars Lego the complete saga
Battlefront 2
Republic commando

X wing vs tie fighter
Dark forces
Dark forces 2
Jedi knight
Jedi knight 2
Jedi academy
Galactic battlegrounds
Empire at war

Episode 1 pod racer

Force unleashed
Force unleashed 2

Lethal alliance

I think that's all of them and SWTOR of course. Have set all other games aside since I've come back, I am a SW junkie... Bookshelves full from rogue squadron through to fate of the Jedi... Am building a lightsaber atm with retractable 1000mw lasers... Not to mention the thousands of dollars I spent on miniatures for table top role playing. Used to role play on the Star Wars website forums until they shut them down.
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