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Thank you captain obvious. It gets exponentially worse with more ping, competitive play is not possible for AU players on US servers.
Look, I will be completely honest with you. As Obiray mentioned, getting the Huttball is a huge problem on US server, and yes, the slight delay can really screw you. But if you can learn to compensate by activating things in anticipation (takes an hour or two to get the hang of it), it actually isn't that bad. I'm not min/maxed yet and only hit 50 on Tuesday last week, but I did 600K damage last night for instance, so the game is playable.

Now whether you can be competitive - we did some Rateds last night against one of the top teams on our server and managed to win.

Not saying US server is an ideal solution because it's not. But at least for now, it beats spending 30 minutes on APAC waiting for a pop just in order to play the same guys over and over again. The last straw for me was when I missed the que because I was solo-queing as opposed to 4-man groups who get priority in regular WZs, and I missed two WZs in a row when there was only 1 50 WZ running at a time. I almost deleted my account at that moment.