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most people where dissappointed in the prequals because they had expectations. rather then wanting to sit down and be told a story, they wanted GL to tell the story "they knew all along"
Honestly I'm not a big fan myself. They were good movies, but not good Star Wars movies. I just think that most people such as the OP hate the movies simply because they've heard they're bad. All his reasons were easily explained away had he given it any thought. Someone else said it perfectly in this thread. Imho, the greatest moment in movie history was the fight between Vader and Luke in ROTJ. You could feel Luke struggling with the dark side, and even Vader struggling with fighting his only son. You were emotionally involved with everything that happened. From Ben's death, to Luke's tortured screams as Vader admits to being his father. When Han comes in and saves the day at the first death star you cheer. When the Rebels lose on Hoth it's traumatizing. Almost all the emotion is gone in the prequels. The only parts I feel did that well is Obi-wans cry when Qui-gon is killed, and Anakin's actual fall. I don't think Hayden is a bad actor, I think he was stunted. His scream of "I HATE YOU" when Obi-wan tells him he loves him is heart wrenching. There are definately great parts that make the prequels good movies. But they aren't Star Wars movies.