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I lack subtlety.
If I was to make a reference to Anders (I'm guessing that's who you mean), I'd just go there. I still have no clue how Anders' goes from doing every skirt (female) he could get close to in Awakening, to wanting my skirt (character was a Mage). I still want to know what happened. That how you go from cracking wise *** remarks, to dark & gloomy.
Far as stereotypes... I will say they are either humerus or awful. Look no further than the trooper. The class story & companions, come off as the stereotypical view of the military (by those who don't serve), that (as one who served), it cracks me up at points. But yeah, they shouldn't go there.
(over heard on a bounty hunter's star ship)
"You took down the Mandalorian Killer?".
"Yep. Blasted him and the star ship he flew in on".