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Oh, right, Andronikus and Gault, I thought you were making some sort of Dragon Effect reference.

I suppose that's a personal thing, though. I don't believe I'd care that much about seeing a [Flirt] option suddenly pop up for Ashara on either my Sorcerer or Assassin, but that's because I know neither of them would be interested in her (Sorc sees her as a pupil and my Sin is a human purist.)

Also, how right or not it feels would, I think, largely depend on how Bioware try to write the romances in (and whether they're applicable retroactively, which they should be, but anyway...) and in keeping they are with what we know about the current companions. If Andronikus becomes a gay romance option, it'd be truly idiotic of them to make him some camp stereotype* in those conversations, because that's not how his personality is - he is, from what I've seen, a rugged romantic: he likes the emotional and intimate moments, but he's not soppy, multi-string pet name, drown-the-Fury-in-rose-petals romantic. Change up a couple of lines and the scenes from the current female-partner romance with him would work just as well with a male partner.

*Although one would hope they stay away from introducing stereotypes as a quick fix solution anyway.