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You'd have to throw Tahri into this as Caedus' apprentice, remember Ben Skywalker quit being loyal to Jacen at the same instant that Jacen killed Mara Jade Skywalker and became Caedus.

Ben was never really Caedus' apprentice, and only seemed that would happen in 1 book (Inferno) and if it wasn't for a complete fluke Ben actually would have ran the fledgling sith lord through the back with his lightsaber...

Plus you'd have to throw in the factors of Luke Skywalker and such, because Ben and Jacen were both grandchildren of Darth Vader...
Ben Skywalker and Galen Marek would make a better match up, though. Tahiri is a loser, so that would be boring. If we're counting her as Jacen's apprentice, then just drop both of them, in accordance with the "no outside powers" concept.
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