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Keep in mind that I was tanking Firebrand so this is just based on what I heard. That makes sense... maybe it was ONE DPS that took both hits of DD and the second DPS wasn't in front enough?

Our strat was "The two mDPS need to stand in front of the tank when it channels DD then move back when it is over" so my guess is one wasn't in front enough and/or moved away too quickly? That would explain it. (and as a note: the two melee DPS were on the side of Stormcaller, they moved between the gun and the tank we had on SC, then moved back into their dps position. But what I was told was that the dps moved, SC did DD, and they were one-shotted/killed before they made it back to their dps positions).

It just seemed that we went down VERY quickly.

Also, when Firebrand starts channeling the armor debuff, I read that the Stormcaller tank can then taunt Firebrand and the channel will then hit him, yes? I just wanted some clarification on that so that we don't need to tank swap if that is the case.
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