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I have questions.

1. What are the specific things that can get you to skip over a warning and go straight to ban? (I want specifics).

2. What will keep you from abusing said power over the forums? I've seen a lot of moderators who don't like something and someone is banned or warned and it violated no rule on forums. What would stop you from doing this?

3. Who is your acting supervisor and how would we contact him if you abused your power?

4. Can we vote on if we can keep certain trolls?

Now I know this may sound like i'm attacking you or distrust you (I do, I trust very few people) but i've seen power abused by many people in positions of authority and believe that we must keep a system of checks and balances in place to keep that from happening. I also believe in very specific guidelines in place so people understand what and how they violated rules.
I have answers!

1. Interestingly, it is hard for me to actually provide you a specific example without breaking forum rules. Something that will skip you right over a warning is something that honestly, should be blatantly obvious to anyone is something that is a breach of the rules. As a general statement, something like making a death threat, etc. is something that is of the severity that could do this. However, note that something like that is an extreme example, use your best judgement. If it is something that is a very egregious breach of the rules, it could get you an infraction.

2/3. I have the same answer to both of these. The person that is reviewing disputes is never the same person as the one who gave you an infraction. We do this so that we have our own systems of checks and balances.

4. We will all have our "beloved" trolls and as a part of the new rules we are going to be less strict about this. However, if someone is breaking rules, they will be actioned appropriately.

Hopefully I covered your questions. As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.
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