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Let him run, then. No sense sacrificing the advantage and letting him regroup and rebuild.

Once his assault fails, press hard. Send assassins to search Nar Shadaa for information on G0-T0, talk to other Exchange bosses and work to undermine him. Criminals will always betray each other, in fact almost every Exchange boss we meet in KotOR is trying to kill his boss and supplant him. Turn this against G0-T0 by making it clear that the Sith will support whoever betrays him first, and reveal that he's nothing more than a glorified administrative droid who's played them for fools and squandered his forces in a suicidal assault on Malachor V.

He has credits? Turn that against him as well. Spread the word that G0-T0 has plenty of money and the Sith will kill him and give the cash to whoever helped them find him.
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