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That's kind of a really complicated way to wipe out 75% of your own force for no good reason. Any plan that relies on your enemy falling for a series of ruses is a fragile one at best, and it sacrifices the initiative.

Better would be to intercept G0-T0's force by yanking it out of hyperspace with a few Interdictors, and have the rest of the fleet waiting right where the edge of the gravity well is. When the ships are pulled out of hyperspace, they launch all their missiles and let them track the magnetic signatures, probably wiping out the bulk of G0-T0's ships in a flurry of seeking missiles.

Have a Sith Lord who can sense organics on the bridge of each warship, providing further detection of G0-T0's fleet when it is pulled from hyperspace. Comb the wreckage of the transports for any intact memory cores or components of HK-50s to gather intel on the factory.

The few transports that escape will make their way down to Malachor, where the Sith will have prepared the Academy for a defensive operation. A mobile strike force is positioned near the MSG, waiting to ambush the party that comes to activate it when they wander into the traps prepared for them. Most of this fighting will be in the tunnels and caverns where the ship's reactors were located, and this will be suitable for the Sith Assassins and Sith Lords as well as the Sith Commandos, who have a penchant for close in, brutal fighting.

Having dealt serious damage to G0-T0's forces, possibly wiping them out entirely, Traya's forces will then be in a position to strike back at a considerable advantage.

Should the strike force fail to eliminate the droids sent to reactivate the MSG quickly, and it becomes a protracted battle, then the Academy will begin an evacuation in a swift, orderly fashion (they'll have prepared for this possibility). The last few troops on the line will be left to hold the Academy while everyone else regroups with the fleet far outside Malachor's orbit. Either way, G0-T0 is losing everyone he sends to Malachor, and at minimal cost to the Sith defenders.
Either way, through elaborate deception or typical Sith strength, G0-T0 really can't win this war, he relies on 1.Droids that can be stopped and reprogrammed or 2.Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters who might just figure out this isn't worth the credits.

My reasoning for fooling G0-T0 is that given the loss of his forces, he will feel naked against Traya's forces and will go through any number of avenues to get under her radar and try again.

If he thinks he's won, he won't suspect a thing.
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