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How challenging content is, also has nothing to do with what the rewards are.
The challenge I was referring to, is actually running the content in 69 gear, as designed.

This has the side benefit, of when 72 gear drops in the raid, everyone is excited to roll on it, as opposed to "meh I already haz a gear"

Everyone likes Teh New Shiney. Everyone likes to beat the bad guys. If you're having a hard time, you have three choices:

1. Get better gear.
2. Become a better player.
3. Get a better team.

There were may times during HM TfB and NM EC that my group was having troubles and so kept buying and/or crafting 63 gear to help us overcome obstacles. Had that not been available, we would have had to work harder to actually beat the content.

I think this is a good thing (the working harder part).

A number of your posts deride those in favor of non-craftable 72s as "it's all about the elite trying to prevent the non-elite from having stuff". I just don't see that. And it especially doesn't hold water for any of the people I raid with.