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03.11.2013 , 11:36 AM | #2
Need a little bit more about how you handled double destruction and just, generally, where everyone in the raid was positioned. DD shouldn't one shot the DPS, but I'm confused by the idea that they were running away. Were you getting 1 DD? Or 2? Which side had the healer on the ground?

Edit: Wait, just re-read this. Are you saying the dps ran to the (player) tank to get DD instead of the other way around? That's a no-no. Both of these (enemy) tanks do big damage directly in "front" of the turret (that is, the side that faces wall by the entrance, not necessarily the direction the turret is facing at all times). No DPS or healer should ever cross the plane in front of S & F's "noses." Rather, the player tank wants to drag DD over to the dps and it'll get intercepted that way. The player tank can absorb a hit from the frontal attack much more safely than the dps will.