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Let G0-T0 come.

Traya lets G0-T0 come to Malachor V, she waits and waits, until his forces are drawn into battle, she begins evacuating her forces(most of which are actually waiting in a nearby system), let Bao-Dur activate the MSG, then she instantly uses the previously unused gravity well generators on two of her interdictors and the tractor beams to pull his ships into Malachor's range, G0-T0's main forces are annihilated but better yet, she makes it look like her entire force is wiped out, G0-T0 thinks he has won or at least crippled his opponent.

Traya is no longer there though and only 25% of her forces were there, a force size which G0-T0 does not actually know anything of. only what it may consist of not the exact numbers, given the number at which the Jedi and Sith were eradicated due to the wars, then the lack of numbers would be consistent with popular belief, obviously G0-T0's remaining forces are technologically advanced enough to see any fleeing ships, ships he'll track, something Traya again allows.

She then sets up her base at Korriban, she heavily defends it with another 25% of her forces, this time the most elite Sith troopers she has, which will obviously be overwhelmed due to numbers, they are ordered to fight till the last man in the academy, but G0-T0 isn't stupid, he'll obviously search the bowels of the tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords, this is when the typical trick is played, she places the body of any old Echani or simply grey-haired woman in the bowels of the tomb of Naga Sadow, but droids aren't idiots and this is an obvious decoy, G0-T0 would be obviously suspicious given the decoy so he orders a full search of the academy and the valley.

Obviously Korriban was not her true base and in the forgotten tomb of Ludo Kressh, something the droids and mercenaries will not overlook, will be a cache of abandoned datapads, etc... pointing to Ziost, which she declares the rendezvous point for her forces.

It is here that Traya places another 25% of her forces, this time hosts of Sith Marauders and Dark Jedi, with beast masters and almost all of her elite units, but not her assassins, this should be a no fuss traditional Sith battle on the planet, a real last stand, not only that but she'll put three of her Interdictors in orbit around the planet, leaving four left.(The KotOR CG confirms Nihilus' fleet consisted of nine with the Ravager), it is here that she sets up bombs to have her base explode completely once his forces are inside, better yet, she'll leave another decoy looking like her in video footage, or she edits some in, to make it look like she was in the base when it exploded.

Then over the coming months she spreads her remaining 25% of forces thin, to the point where G0-T0 would give up any search and allow his assumption that her forces and herself were destroyed at Ziost, at the same time she uses the network of assassins she has to track and locate the smaller groups of Hk-50s that G0-T0 has, which are either decommissioned or switched off entirely, perhaps he uses these droids still for other purposes, such as enforcing his rule, either way, they will either lead her forces to the factory or better yet:

She eventually manages to capture either one or three, it matters not, of these droids so she is able to interrogate them until the factory on Telos IV is discovered from either it's databanks or it's own admittance, if the droids have a self destruct, she is a smart woman, she'll have the droids stunned or ion'd into submission, where she pries information from it's datacore.

From here she invades and takes over G0-T0's most prized droid factory and takes them from him, this means she has the most efficient assassination and stealth network possible, the very generously gifted shields and stealth generators that G0-T0 has used to upgrade his particular models will make tracking out Nar Shaadda all too easy.

G0-T0 has lost his Hks and perhaps better yet, the horror stories from the battles with the Sith will make recruiting more mercenaries and bounty hunters extremely difficult regardless of the price.

Traya only has to setup what will be a blockade along the hyperspace lanes to the smuggler's moon and allow her combination of Hk-50s and Sith Assassins to track down anyone with knowledge using stealth, the right people are abducted and interrogated, possibly drugged, the inevitable tip that G0-T0's strangle on the moon itself will give Traya the perfect trap, load any incoming traffic she forces out of hyperspace, load all the freighters she can with her assassin droids and Sith, let G0-T0's yacht, which will now likely be defended by very little in comparison to earlier times, capture these ships and watch as his ship has it's databanks drained of all information and then watch as it is destroyed from the inside.
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