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Also currently in the recruitment stage as well. So far I am enjoying it, I find it very impressive that the group goes out of the way to make the new members feel like they will be accepted and are not pressured to perform a certain way, and just be themselves. At first I was put off by the length of the recruitment period and the amount and nature of some questions, but as the process went on I actually enjoyed it, and realized how tight knit the community was and can be.

Look forward to gaming and interacting with you in the future!
Couldnt have said it better. My wife was laughing at some of the questions.

I dont mind at all being asked random questions, it usually leads to a good story. This unique process allows people to connect with new friends that have similar interests and sometimes even the same gaming history.

I look forward to running around with PAX be it Telara, Tyria or in a place far, far away.