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Hi Everyone,
I'm not sure if I posted this in the proper forum catagory.I have some concerns about gaming experience and decided to put my thoughts here. I'm a die hard fan of swtor from the beginning, but some issues have come to mind. One problem I see is the big worlds to visit with nothing to, I spend more time on my mount and see no node for gathering or questing points, these open spaces need filling up. I posted ten topic points that I think about often. I hope to feel the excitement I had at first launch. As well I'm awaiting the release of the expansion. I look forward to hear feedback from game developers, writers etc, and the usual gamers, please enjoy

1. Crafting rare material from special nodes(recipe from trainer) purchase as example, for exotic mats. Level 1-5. As well as continuing using companion missions. Can be found from fraction area questing or daily reward, sometimes I cannot craft due to many missions failures, would be nice to see some progression there. Not everyone raids, or pvp or do fps so often, so getting some rare materials would interest die hard questers as I am. In the codex list are many organizations and fractions, so there is much room for this concept.
2. Not enough questing area points on the planets, maybe place different fractions all over the planet with daily quests for reputation/daily coms. Place alignment on quests as well, both sides, reward epic items, gear or mounts achievement.
3. Place pvp areas on all planets in several location, for buff or reward, or even apply achievement for taking control of area, node count, 100, 1000, 10,000' reward epic item for this, etc
4. Should place personal nodes for daily quests, or phase point sections so other players don't interfere by stealing or killing mobs, or quicken re-spawn rates, go solo or grouping. I'm happy that some dailies on imperial side improved, I lost a few weeks of BH coms, time well wasted as was interest.
5. Inline with quests for fraction, use more inter planetary involvements, such as investigation, spying, assassinations, gathering, thievery, help unfortunate npc's, discovery (ie, hk components) style etc. All with alignment gains traveling the galaxy. (The Gree Event droid run was fun, all my friends and myself really enjoyed this) the droid reward was great!
6. Cartel shopping, I would like to see mounts and gear sets to be bound to legacy, transfer between characters or of the same fraction, we can trade among alts the vanity items now, so is fun to use. ( gear issue for me, I desired to have opposite fraction wear opposing, but cannot because bound to character or class, adaptive as well would be nice to see) I think legacy should open this option, since it part of the family tree and such, I like to mix and match different items, cannot most times, due to bound to toon. I change my outfits very often, change feels good so not to get bored looking at the same thing all the time, as my reasons to have alts, different toon mechanics keep me interested in playing, not to be bored on one character.
7.Why can we not have our black hole commendations, warzone or other currencies for that matter under account holder? Or separate currency pop-up for both fractions, alts can access these currencies and purchase items. Again I look at the legacy of the game, attach this as well. It was great to apply the reputation among the alts, thanks for that.
8. I dream to see a barber shop, with ability to change hair, make-up jewelry, accessories, place them at fraction points, customizations to them could be possibility, or reward items unlock? Apply it to subscription holders. Customizations for companions is great too, nice to change them out sometimes, different looks adds fresh sense to playing.
9. What about a pvp planet? 2 home cities, open pvp questing, territory control, acquire more land points, builings, factories, mats farming, fraction reputation gain. Before leaving city gates, must be in groups of 4 to proceed on the planet. No requirement of class grouping, just 4 toons together. Make ops groups size to take over territory conquest with activation nodes, for doors, turrets, land-mines, maybe without time counter, point counter system, Reset every 24 hrs. Time committed players, example 1 hour, to receive credit.
10. Animal mounts available to ride, maybe acquired from fraction reputation points on different planets, add a couple more new space missions, and a vendor for currency exchange. Legacy reward system after cap? Slicing mission finds, quest line missions light/dark applicable? Example to complete 10-15 tasks to get great reward at the end and also have ability to Select warzone choice and queue in.

If some of my points are unclear, I'm glad to reply and clarify

Have Fun All