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Why do you even care?Luke ,Solo,Anakin and all those people are terrible and boring anyway,
Forget all this movies nonsense and focus on the *OLD* Republic.Revan,Malak Freedon Nadd,old Sith Empire,this Sith Empire,Exar Kun,Malgus ,ect,ect,ect,jedi Exile,Darth Nox,Emperor's Wrath,Kreia,Baras,Thanaton and so many others.
These characters are so much more epic and interesting than the melodrama carebear Luke,Anakin,Leia,Obi-Wan nonsense.

Everything before the Ruusan Reformation is so much better in terms of characters,story,events,ect.Don't know what all this SW movies hype is.They are bad... all of them .The prequels are a joke and the sequels are a joke.
The movies have life lightsaber action,jedi and sith in them and they started it all(the franchise),that is all they are good for.
I'm sorry, this post irritates me considering you're passing off what opened the door and started literally ALL of this as irrelevant, how can you have any appreciation for a car and say that the invention of the automobile was pointless? That's like saying that some person is the greatest whatever to have lived and it doesn't matter whether or not their parents existed (which if they didn't then the person wouldn't)... do you seriously have no logical mind whatsoever?

The fact of the matter comes down to this: you cannot ever elminate the original as the ultimate law. For example, the Star Trek reboot doesn't replace nor invalidate the originals, instead they're going about to retell the same story via different events... to take a piece of writing and after-the-fact change what the original was is pompous ignorance, since the TRUE fanbase is interested only because of the original. So any arguments made against the facts as laid down in the OT, are invalidated before they are even laid by pen (or keyboard as the case may be).

Also, go with a slight philosophical here, hating the movies is a fine personal choice, but to discount them when they are inclusive story by word of the original creator in favor of anything EU not written by Lucas himself, is to attribute to glorified fanfiction as opposed to credit where it is due to begin with

Yes, when it's all said and done now you can debate all these characters, their faults, their strengths and whatever else, but when it comes down to it. Lucas created the SW universe and therefore, his creations come first and foremost as the absolute truth within the universe. A mechanic doesn't dictate the workings of the car AFTER the engineer has built it...