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That's possible but also irrelevant. These characters are not set in stone. They're under the writers' control. Like I said, revision. Whether Kaiden in ME was always meant to be bi or whether they revised his character to add that in later is a good example: Kaiden is a character. They decided to make same sex options available for him in ME3. They did. End of story. There's no reason at all they can't do that for other characters. You might not think 'this character can be anything and everything' but not only is that not even what I was insinuating the SWTOR writers are doing or should do (which I suspect you know damn well), you do have absolute control, as a writer, of what that character becomes.

Saying, 'We can't do that now as is doesn't fit and it's too late to add it in' is bollocks. If they don't, as writers, want to add it into existing characters then that's another matter, but if that's the case then write in new characters.
Indeed. There's a difference between writing characters for fiction and writing characters for games. Characters in (RPG) games are "playable" which in itself means that a certain part or their personality is determined by the player through choices the player makes (dialogue wheel etc.) while in fiction there's no such thing. You can't just go and skip a paragraph. In fiction, a character is predetermined while in games, you'll have to give him/her different personality traits from the get-go, those the player can chose from. So when writers claim they can't make a character adapt to certain situations in different ways they're either dishonest with themselves or maybe should be writing fiction instead where no such thing is demanded.

Kaidan is a good example. I played the mShep/Kaidan romance and there was never a doubt in my mind that this romance is working. I've read comments of other players though who said they envisioned Shep and Kaidan to be just buddies. Both of the factions are right because both of us played different versions of Kaidan, through the choices we made.
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I'm talking about the year-long stretch before they gave us any real information. I'm talking about their intentions for the 'further SGRA content' they hinted at for post-Makeb. I'm not talking exclusively about the Makeb content so yes, I'm afraid that if they do intend to restrict SGR content to non-companion NPCs then they have indeed been leading us on.
Thing is, I believe the future SGR content will include companions. It's one of the main reasons I'm still here.
I fully agree. I'm expection SGR romances to be implemented eventually. If they're not coming, flirts aren't gonna do it for me.

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People hate retcons. Except when they like/love them.
Some people hate that Tali and Garrus are romance options. Others love it.
The former have the option to simply not engage in the content.

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But it didn't. After 6 months it was still at 1.3m and only sunk to 'well over 500k' ten months after launch.
I have read different numbers. I also read they needed around 2m subs to operate a healthy game so whatever the numbers exactly were, they were too low and continuously sinking, at least during the first few months.