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Ok, so I am trying to get a full set of Columi gear; the helmet, boots, and chest plate were where they were advised they would be, no problem.

To my surprise the leggings were NOT at Directive 7 as advised. Could someone please help me sift through the BS and tell me where I can get Columi leggings for my BH?

Also, so I won't waste any more time, I was advised on the remaining outstanding Columi gear, is this correct:

- Bracers: Black Talon or The Esseles
- Gloves: Boarding Party or Taral V
- Off hand Blaster: Battle of Ilum

Is there a Columi belt and a main blaster I need to be looking for as well?

I would prefer to have my only character in this game at LEAST to the Columi level prior to the expansion and I'm wasting time on here say. Your info is greatly appreciated.
Your list is basically correct. Take a look here: Hardmode Flashpoint Loot List–1.3 - Dulfy.

As you can see from the list above, the belt will drop from HK-47/Colonel Daksh (in The Foundry/Maelstrom Prison). The Main Hand Blaster will drop from Doctor Lorrick in Lost Island (along with the Rakata chest). (Small Tip: the Off-Hand Blaster you can get from Battle of Ilum has the same exact stats as the Main Hand you can get from Lost Island, so you can just get another off-hand token from Battle of Ilum and rip the mods from the off-hand blaster and place them in your current main hand.)
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