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03.11.2013 , 04:15 AM | #4
i tried 40man raids and while it have a certain apeal i just prefer smaller raids. Big raids require loads of chat discipline and iīm not big on that. Huge objectivebased pvp maps could work though. You could have a defensive team, an offensive team and maybe a stealth comandoraid team.

I agree that 4man groups are just too small, but thatīs more to do with the tand/heal/dps ratio of typical trinitybased mmoīs. I dont have any statistics but my guess is that 6man groups would be about right for what people typicly play of roles.

Also i dont agree that bigger raids should get better loot. Harder raids should have better loot, but bigger isnīt allways harder. I dont mind they get different loot, could be other colors of armors or whatever.

The thing is in a 40 man raid, if someone dies your force is reduced by 2.5% and tbh itīs usually the worse players who die first so itīs not much of a problem. In a 10man raid if you loose 1 man your force is down by 10%. Imo the room for error gets smaller the smaller the raid.

Now 8 man isnīt realy big enough to be called a raid iīll give you that, but imo all raidsizes should be equally hard and get same itemlevel loot.

My perfect size would probably be 6man groupsize. 12/24man raids. Maybe pvp maps with bigger groups.