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Yea we just noticed we aren't on the list either

Guild Name: Light of the Republic.
Faction: Republic
Guild Website: Don't have a guild website as yet just using a group facebook page.
What we cover (PvE/PvP/Dailys/Weeklys/Flashpoints/Operations/Rated PvP): Mainly PVE, Levelling, Weeklys, Flashpoints and Operations.
Who we cater for (Casual/Full-time/Family/Kids): Mainly casual and new players atm but a few of the officers have been playing MMOs for years and have been playing swtor since launch.
Guild Master: Irila
Guild Officers: Republic: Esmelyss, Aggrow, Onti (me), Ashtea, Septu, Gamertech, Kyloth, Illusionia, Tra'zriha, Kayceno (have a few more but not as active) Empire: Chrysal (GM) Isbish (Vice GM), Vorttic, Amlici (me), Portian, Cyanthia, Pantsman, Septite
In-game Contacts: The above officers.
Sister Guild (other Faction): Light of the Empire
Voice Comms (Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo): TS3
Operation Days/Times: Just Saturday nights scheduled atm.
Operation Progression: Just cleared SM EC
PvP/Rated Warzones: Not really.
Recruiting (Yes/No): Yes. But we are running close to our capacity of 500 members so have created an alt guild
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): All classes.
About Us/Description/Info: We're a casual guild focused on helping one another out and generally having fun with whatever we do. We only have one scheduled operation per week, and members are generally encouraged to form operations ad hoc to help one another have more fun with this game. We hold a monthly raffle near the end of each month, awarding a cartel pack or other similar prize to 4-6 members. We are also currently expanding into Guild Wars 2, so find us on the Fissure of Woe server if you want a group to shoot the breeze with.
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