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That's possible but also irrelevant. These characters are not set in stone. They're under the writers' control. Like I said, revision. Whether Kaiden in ME was always meant to be bi or whether they revised his character to add that in later is a good example: Kaiden is a character. They decided to make same sex options available for him in ME3. They did. End of story. There's no reason at all they can't do that for other characters. You might not think 'this character can be anything and everything' but not only is that not even what I was insinuating the SWTOR writers are doing or should do (which I suspect you know damn well), you do have absolute control, as a writer, of what that character becomes.

Saying, 'We can't do that now as is doesn't fit and it's too late to add it in' is bollocks. If they don't, as writers, want to add it into existing characters then that's another matter, but if that's the case then write in new characters.

I'm talking about the year-long stretch before they gave us any real information. I'm talking about their intentions for the 'further SGRA content' they hinted at for post-Makeb. I'm not talking exclusively about the Makeb content so yes, I'm afraid that if they do intend to restrict SGR content to non-companion NPCs then they have indeed been leading us on.

Thing is, I believe the future SGR content will include companions. It's one of the main reasons I'm still here.

That would be absolutely abysmal, as decisions go. That would be a public relations nightmare and possibly one of the worst things they could do for their reputation amongst LGBT and allies. A world full of same-sex people who do cloning because otherwise they'll die out? No other LGBT content anywhere in the galaxy? The unspoken insinuation that this is where all the LGBT people belong? That's right up there with 'ship all the gays off to and island and let them gay each other out of existence'.

No, I don't think they'd do that. I think it'll be more natural and more subtle. Like some of the existing characters - you meet them in the course of a mission, you hit it off, you flirt, you fade to black. The only difference is that some boys will be boy-flirtable and some girls will be girl-flirtable.
Changing characters never goes over well. People hate retcons.

As for the last bit, I just threw that out there as a possibility as I havent seen any info on Makeb, I highly doubt they're going that route, but I will have to disagree with you. It doesn't insinuate that's where all the LGBT people belong. That's stretching the idea to purposely find a negative for the idea.

What it is, is a background for a planet. I believe Star Trek has a planet similar to that, except they were ambigious, with the idea of gender washed out of them, but a few of them would lean towards male or female, and then have it basically brain-washed out of them.