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It already is, afaik.

You really should read this article. A password no longer is the means of securing an account. Bioware knows that and they have back-end systems in place which you don't see nor experience (as a normal customer) which prevent account hacking even if your password is stolen (granted, only if you have security questions and or one-time-key-authentificator)

I really urge you to read his posts, they are very detailed and explain why the change is a good thing.
I read the first couple of pages of this link and I was honestly amazed mostly because it actually makes sense, unfortunately. I will not profess to know exactly the headaches that BW has nor at this point in my life will I ever fully be able to. However, given that I am logging in with a physical key generator every time and might be changing to an android app instead, I feel relatively safe logging in because the code changes with every press of the button.

I would suggest that BW perhaps consider an exercise in greater explanation with this move, if it has not already been that is.
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