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Holy cow, it's a major headspace adjustment to think through Wynston's brain when a) he really cares about someone for her own sake and b) he's playing the natural dynamic with a considerate, affectionate, straightforward person
I sympathize; I had the same difficulty writing AU Rixik in the beginning. It still takes some time to switch gears. Heís not quite the polar opposite of canon-Rixik, and itís way too easy to push him into comedy.

Ruth singing, and what is means to her, is lovely. I also like that Wynston didnít know that about her. Itís so easy for him to get a snapshot of someoneís personality and work from that, it must be refreshing to be surprised. I also liked that she sang to him later, even though she had no way of expecting him to hear or enjoy it. Really pretty connections.

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@Striges - I always enjoy your description of environments and buildings. The simplification of all life to the altercation on the street far below. I also loved the transition from Rixik in the closest he gets to despair, to starting to analyse again, then plot. I like your take on Master Sumalee, she's less annoying than most of the Jedi I've encountered in-game.
Thank you! Both versions of Rixik glide past a lot of emotional issues and go straight for getting out of the mess. He never had the luxury of feeling bad about the situation--you cry, you get slapped and shoved back in line. Heís pleased with anything short of the worst thing possible. Heís not been hit with a worse than the worst case scenario in a long time.

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