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What if we go with your theory that Scourge's vision was implanted by the Emperor, but instead of it being because the Knight was a threat to him, what if the Emperor planned to be "killed" by the Knight all along, as a way of drawing attention away from himself, so that he could work in even more secrecy than he has been?

This ties in with a theory of mine that the Emperor is secretly manipulating the Dread Masters into causing many of the events that take place after 50, such as Denova, TFB, etc in order not only to draw attention away from himself, but perhaps also as part of a larger, as yet unclear plan, which is hinted at by the Dread Masters when they speak sometimes. Spoilers for the Scum & Villainy operation follow:


We know that the Emperor and the Dread Masters have a history together, that he specifically ordered them freed from Belsavis (mentioned by Commander Calum during the Imperial planetary questline on Belsavis), so this all seems to hint that he is using them as part of his plans to me.
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