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03.10.2013 , 07:39 PM | #1
Okay so, basically this isn't just QQ but a suggestion (well little bit of QQ). After looking at the reputation vendor I decided yeah i want to start farming space mission rep. So i bought all the grade 7 armour from the CM and started having ago at the space missions. After about 3 hours I still hadn't completed one, I can honestly say I would rather go 10 rounds with Kephess NIM than attempt another space mission. The game it self I would consider myself to be an above average player. The most part is I don't really like to do space missions, they bore me but I want to be able to grind the reputation. So here's a suggestion why not create a 'normal mode' version of these HC's that give half the rep. This way the people like to do space mission and have put a lot of time an effort to be good at them are rewarded. This way the casual 'space mission' player can still grind reputation it just takes longer.