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Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy_reborn View Post
if you are not complaining, why make this post?

this game has catered to the super-casual more than enough. if you want the new gear, do the new content. it is as simple as that.

if a person does not like grouping or doing group content, they have the completely wrong genre of game.
Actually, it's the game which doesn't cope with most of its player base, but most of it simply approve anything, explicitly or implicitly.

Look closely, you'll see way more than just brainless raiders in SWTOR, and some raiders having alts already understood even for them this is just totally wrong. MONTHS farming the same 2 instances with the same 7/15 other players isn't a game anymore, and when you have to do the same on multiple toons it's even worse.

As an altaholic crafter with a massive time investment inside the game, this is the absolute wrong direction, but the game started with flaws and some of them are now hardly fixable. What this will cause is a massive unsub of half-geared toons waiting for the next patch to bring them to top tier gear in no time, then again the same thing unless a different approach is taken in the meantime. Subscribers need to keep their subs running, not unsub/resub each new content patch.