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03.10.2013 , 05:15 PM | #10
Sometimes i get over obsessed with equipping a companion with the best possible gear and the best looking gear that matches my vision for that companion.
A few times while i was changing gear and swapping mods ,i swapped all my companion mods to my actual character's gear by mistake making my original mods disappear, caused by haste and absent mindednes.So i ended up having tons of cunning for my juggernaut for example.And my healing companion ends up with nothing.So i end up having to spend hunderds of thousands of credits all over again to buy new mods.Its was infuriating...
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Also once i sent a few hundred thousand credits(5 or 6) to a random guy instead to one of my alts by mail,because i made a mistake while typing the name.

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Also i have sold incredibly expensive cartel market items for a few dimes because i made mistakes while typing the buyout price,missing 2 or 3 zeros.The horror...