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Quote: Originally Posted by Leira_Kheren View Post
you know that scene out of DIE HARD, where he wears that shield in harlem? You are excactly in his position

btw, I'm pro elitism, I'm pro best gear only through hardest things (happy about not craftable), I'm pro to have goals which I have to work for.
I knew the minute I posted this I was going to be wearing a sign. Am I sorry about stating the obvious? NOPE!

Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy_reborn View Post
you are complaining about having to do content to get gear from said content?

maybe you should look up the word "entitlement" while youre derping around in the dictionary
Umm.. Was I complaining? NOPE! Read the post again - you obviously didn't get the point. I enjoy raiding and totally can't wait for S&V to go live. Nice try! Please go back and READ the posting and maybe look in the mirror?

Quote: Originally Posted by t-woodhouse View Post
erm... PTS feedback forum so most pointless thread ever? im also pleased you cant buy/craft best gear anymore. People should be proud to have it and earn it not bloody buy it. verdict on making in uncraftable? WELL DONE.
Not really. I'm bringing up a valid point in the PTS forums as I've seen and heard repeatedly on them the most. Lots of hostile voices on both sides of the fence. (I got lucky and only Cash was the only one posting smack and the rest so far have been reasonable). It's a game played by many different personalities and playing styles. Bioware needs to keep it balanced in some fashion for everyone to enjoy and at the same time address the hardcore raiders who gobble up content.

I'd REALLY rather see BW fix it completely and let us purchase components with Elite Comms (Piece by piece w/o Set Bonus). Have a trade in program like WZ>RWZ comms for Elite/Utlimate Comms so we don't get shafted with crappy stats on the gear that does drop. Then those that EARN the stuff the old fashioned way (Doing ALL the content) get the set bonus gear, those w/o at least get the gear even slower paced just like PVP has to earn them.
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