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I don't mean to terse with you, Beni, but you're being a bit of a stubborn idiot when it comes to the HK assault team. Yes, their anti-stealth technology will surprise the Assassins... if the assassins confront the HKs alone, and the HKs are able to deploy the technology. But this assumes the HKs will not already be in the chaos of battle, etc. And honestly, the assassins are really more of a deterrent against organic targets.
You know I'm just being devil's advocate with you here. If I wasn't Arbiter I'd be throwing everything I've got behind Traya, I'm just raising points on both sides to make sure the result is fair and everything is considered. And to avoid having a debate with myself, of course I'm going to refrain from raising points for the opposing side. I trust you to flag me up on those. That's the nature of debating.

However you make a good point again about they hyperspace scenario, but based on the fact that the Sith will respond with lightning efficiency. Before they know what's going on those vessels will begin decloaking, and start fleeing as quickly as they can. Granted they'll get a lock on several, perhaps even all, of their signatures. But G0-T0's ships are simply faster. And the Sith won't be able to effectively coordinate an attack via fighters based on magnetic signatures.

But anyway, concerning these 'mounted assault cannons' - your basing this on the assumption that Traya's forces have this at their disposal. And it is highly likely that they do not, not only have I never come across manned turrets in KOTOR I or 2 but in the Battle of Telos IV the Sith invasion force deploys automated turrets across Citadel Station, it is said as much during the conflict. So this is likely what will be deployed. HKs are unshielded? Possibly but G0-T0 could upgrade them with standard personal energy shields, if they don't have these already which they likely will. But yes, ion weapons would be effective. But just as effective as the advanced weaponry of G0-T0's forces will be against the Sith and the assassins.

Let's also not overestimate the capabilities of these commandos, for in the end they are footsoldiers. While the HKs are the best Hunter Killer droids that the galaxy has to offer - designed to kill Force sensitives. We're talking the IG series of their time. And we can guarantee they will be in numbers, yes the Exile encountered them in small groups but that was for the sake of stealth tactics, armies of HK-50 assassin droids charging across the galaxy is going to draw unwanted attention. And will remove an possibility of them posing as protocol droids. (And for the record, the factory is established canon, this has been done so through the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide and The New Essential Guide to Droids.) Ultimately though the HKs are outclassed by the Sith, however let's not forget this only has to be a distraction for the MSG to be reactivated. So success of failure is largely irrelevant.

Speaking of the MSG, yes, information is hazy, (but luckily we have K-Canon) but that's all we have to go on and we can't go making assumptions to suit our argument when we have no evidence to base it on. It seems perfectly plausible to me that the MSG is underground, else it would be effectively useless as once its activated the planet will be bombarded with debris and any structures overground will be destroyed. Including the MSG which will then be deactivated and the mass shadows will stop. So underground seems a given, this is supported by the fact that the Remote never interacts with the weapon directly, and we see no evidence of it on the planets surface. There may be some sort of underground passage to reach it, but this would seem counterintuive as well, your only going to be able activate it once, giving the massive amount of damage it does to the planet and the intense gravity it produces. Nor would you have any reason to activate it again. Its not designed to be reactivated. However Bao-Dur evidently found a way. And seeing as the device is underground, and reactivating it doesn't actually involve interacting with it directly, Traya has nothing to guard/booby trap.

Despite all this, an evacuation you say is likely. And I reckon it will be to Korriban, obvious yes, but where else can she go? (Not Dxun.) And isn't the best way of defeating G0-T0 exhausting his forces? An attack on Korriban will be a lot harder as G0-T0's forces actually have to win. They have no superweapon to rely on this time, and Traya has the time to start crippling G0-T0's powerbase.