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I think the difficulty is just right. I found it hard at first, and I know people have done them in Grade 6 gear, but I'm not that uber and I think full Grade 7 is more realistic to make sure you have before you do these. Which the OP does have, I'm just sayin'.

But yeah. They're hard at first. It's frustrating after the other ones were so easy, I sympathize. Then after a bunch of times you start actually living, maybe not completing the objectives but at least you made it, and then you live more and more, and one day you're finding that you're not only killing it but consistently getting all the bonus objectives too. You just have to persist. It all occurs the same way every time so it's a matter of memorization more than anything.

I think the difficulty is right because even after you reach 100% completion on everything, you can't sleep through them like you could with the previous top 3. If you're not on it you'll get killed or miss the objectives. As it should be.

As a soon to be Hyperspace Legend, I think that the essential skill is having faith in what's going to happen when you pull the trigger and NOT waiting to SEE it happen. If you're aiming at a turret and you put the button down and hear/see your ship fire four shots, release the button and target your next turret right then. Those four shots will hit the turret and it will blow. You know it and you don't need to waste seconds to watch the shots impact. Target the next turret and squeeze off another four, don't bother to watch that it worked, just have faith, rinse and repeat. Eventually you'll get good enough at this that you're killing most fighters that way too.

Similarly if you volleyed missiles at four things you KNOW blow up with just one missile, like most fighters and ship turrets, don't bother continuing to fire at any of those four things the missiles are going to. The missiles don't need your help then. You should be shooting at other stuff the missiles aren't currently on their way to. On things that just have a pile of hit points like bombers, yeah, missile and shoot it if you can afford the missiles, but don't waste your shots where you don't have to.

Anyway. I like space. Sometimes it's the only thing I get to do in a given week when I'm busy, so I like that they upped the reward credits in 2.0, they should never have nerfed them to begin with. Helps a lot with keeping up with operating costs when you don't have time to play more.