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Anakin wasn't concieved by the force itself. Plagueis and Sidious' manipulations of force energy sent out ripples that did it. (That's the short answer). I'll give you midi-chlorians. Obi-wan wasn't Qui-gon. Obi-wan believed that the Council was pretty much infalliable, an extension of the Jedi Code. However he worshipped the ground Qui-gon walked on. So to obey the dying wish of his hero isn't exactly "weak" at all. Anakin was too old for training. Period. That's the rules, however They knew Obi-Wan was so desperate to obey his masters last request they couldn't stop him so they grudgingly allowed it rather than kick a powerful jedi knight out of the order. Padme and Anakin knew each other for years. At least a decade. Is it really that hard to assume they fell in love, especially when most of their interactions were off camera? Not really. Mace Windu and the Jedi were hardly stupid. They were fooled by one of the most powerful Sith Lords the galaxy had ever seen.

If you want to pick at flaws, at least find flaws. Not just things you don't like or understand.
You literally just made things up to support your argument. You win the internet.
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