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I see what you're saying, but to be fair, it's not really something they have to do [telling us how far they're planning to go with SGR], and for their part, likely a good way to keep a few players continuing to subscribe and possibly spend money on the cash shop.
I agree they're under no literal obligation to do so but it feels dishonest. Lying by omission, sort of thing. Letting someone believe something you know isn't true just to retain their interest is leading them on and I deeply hope that's not happening in this case.

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I'd like some SGR content equal to the OGR romance companion storylines, though admittedly I'm not the adamant one who needs it for every class, just because.
I do. I think it should be equal for all classes. Not just because but due to the fact that the companions aren't real and it's far more fair to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the same in-class romances no matter what class they prefer to play.

The companion NPCs aren't real people with predetermined preferences, they're fictional characters written to perform functions within the story (just as the PCs are, though the dialogue wheel gives flexibility to their functionality). I see no justification for saying 'We're not going to let Jedi Consulars (or whatever) pursue a same sex relationship because it wouldn't make sense given the companions.' Write in new companions, rewrite existing companions, whatever needs to be done. That's what writers do, it's called revision. If they include relationships at all (which they already have) they should do it for all classes (as they have) for both OGRAs and SGRAs (which, as we know, they haven't).

I actually like the way the companion romances are done (though I would have liked if the romance dialogue were more prevalent after initiated - as well as a few other points). I especially like the way you can play any class and you're not barred from pursuing a relationship of some kind, even if doing so is deeply frowned upon given the context (ie. Jedi). The biggest problem with it that I see is that it's strictly and exclusively heterosexual. They were so close - if they'd included SGRAs I'd have been a happy camper.

But they didn't and all the ifs in the world won't change that.
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