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03.10.2013 , 11:16 AM | #9
I had a pretty dumb moment on the PTS a couple weeks ago. I was actually streaming and had 10 or so veiwers watching while setting up for a SV SM run. Shadows have phase walk on the PTS so I was messing around with the ability just for fun. So the entire ops group was sitting near the lvl bolster console and the arkanian gear vendor and I had an idea. That idea was if I jumped off of something and activated phase walk, I would not fall to my death, but actually get teleported to where I placed the phase walk reticle. I didn't even test the theory before I shout through mumble "HEY EVERYONE WATCH THIS ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME." I ran over to the railing and hopped off and spammed my keybind for phase walk which for obvious reasons didn't work because I had forgotten to place the reticle somewhere. So all I got was a good bit of silence over mumble then a nice ".... ***..."