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Interesting thought, but let's remember that Dooku was aware and apart of Sidious' plan to take over the Republic from the inside and establish a new Sith Empire. What Dooku did not know however is that he had no part in this vision. He also had a misguided view that the Jedi Order would be forcibly indoctrinated into the dark side of the Force and become the 'Fist of the Empire', some sort of Sith Army.

But basically, Dooku was in on Sidious' plan and therefore would never have let the Sepratists win, he had no intention of that ever happening. So if the Republic suddenly started taking heavy losses he would ensure the Separatists victory was short lived. If Dooku had been killed, say, during the Battle of Geonosis, then this might actually have happened and I'm not sure what Sidious would have done. Likely make Grievous a temporary pawn until a replacement could be found, it would certainly place a major spanner in the works however.
I don't know, this interpretation really seems to undermine Dooku's character and cheapen him, reducing him to a cartoon villain.

From his conversations with Obi-Wan on Geonosis, you see that Dooku believes in the Separatists and wants to break away from the corruption of the Republic. It is never made clear that Sidious has revealed to Dooku that he intends for the Republic to win, but rather that they are playing both sides of the conflict in order to maximize the damage to the Jedi Order and destroy them via Order 66 (the ultimate goal of the Rule of Two being "destroy the Jedi")

There is nothing to indicate that following the destruction of the Jedi, which would considerably weaken the Clone Army, that the CIS would not then proceed to steamroll the Republic. Sidious could remain the elusive Sith Lord hologram, Dooku would play the charismatic figurehead of the new Galactic Order, and the Jedi would be destroyed.

Count Dooku was recruited to the Sith after he became disenchanted with the Republic and the Jedi, and so his training as Sidious' apprentice was building on his Separatist tendencies. It would make no sense for him to switch back over to the Republic since he was such a high profile leader of the Separatists. Sidious, on the other hand, maintained two identities. The Chancellor could always be presumed dead, and Sidious would never have to reveal himself to the galaxy.

Of course, I think he always planned on killing Dooku and replacing him with Anakin, but Dooku would hardly have known that.
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