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03.10.2013 , 10:29 AM | #1
so i would like to roleplay with someone as if i am their master or their apprentice..
Being master, one would instruct the apprentice to run dangerous errands and such,and at the same time creating our own story, a story that never ends.
Being apprentice; yeah vice versa^

Anyone willing? Rule of Two, sith side?
following the rule of two would mean the apprentice would inevitably kill the master, repeating the cycle.

and for the jedi..Whatever the heck jedi follow.. i need someone to teach me.

AND of course a Bounty hunter roleplay would be epic as well, maybe not apprentice and master but.. The New guy and the Veteran, the Veteran helping the new guy out, the new guy learning new skills everyday and being sent out to eliminate enemies (world bosses) for money.

Anyway, i love this idea, and just hope someone would be interested...

Imagination. This will be our story.