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I think we've got ourselves a new expression.
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To be honest i think Palpatine always intended for the Republic to win.
More people believed that the republic stood for Peace and Justice, and a lot of people believed that the CIS were the cause of the war. The Rebellion would have had a lot more support if the CIS were the ones to establish the new Galactic Empire.... Besides, it wouldnt make sense for Palpatine to suddenly turn round and become the figurehead of the Seperatists, and he wanted to be openly in control of the Military IMO...
And he couldnt do that if he turned Seppie now could he?

I just think there are too many flaws with this plan.
Plus, did anyone even think to think of the Clones? What would happen to them if The Seperatists won? I do believe Palpatine wanted a human army, as it is much harder for Jedi to control their emotions when they are staring others deep emotions right in the face in combat, and its a lot harder for "Freedom Fighters" at first realising they are killing Humans. Then of course theres the fact he realised if any army was to oppose him, they would have to deal with Conscientious Objectors so to speak...

Agreed. Also lets not forget that almost everyone in the galaxy thought the Republic was corrupt, but there were two camps: those who thought the CIS were the solution, those who thought the Republic could be fixed. So by winning the war for the Republic and reforming it into an Empire not only did he satisfy the people of the Republic by removing the Separatist threat and fixing the Republic, but he also partially placated former separatists who wanted to 'start over'. Everyone wins, sort of.